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Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking

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The Decision Book book summary
Learn 50 ways to leave indecision behind and make wise choices.


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Journalist Mikael Krogerus and communications expert Roman Tschäppeler summarize 50 of the most popular decision-making models that individuals and businesses around the world adopt and use to make significant choices and to think in a strategic way. The authors’ thoughtful little book shows readers how to develop a strategy, how to choose among alternatives and how to make intelligent decisions. Accompanying graphics illustrate each of the models. While a book that summarizes 50 strategies does not cover any one of them in depth, and much of the content is simple synopses of other people’s models, getAbstract endorses this fun, informative little book about conceptualizing and decision making.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which decision-making models are the most effective in helping you improve and understand yourself,
  • Which ones help you improve and understand others, and
  • What the future holds for these models.


Improve the Way You Decide
Decision-making models simplify tough choices. They draw important information in a practical way. They “reduce complexity” into decipherable graphical matrices and can help you organize your thoughts. While decision-making models do not provide strict solutions...
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About the Authors

Mikael Krogerus formerly wrote for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a Swiss daily newspaper. Roman Tschäppeler is CEO of Guzo, a communications agency in Biel, Switzerland.

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    Jie Wang 5 months ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries The models mentioned in this article are famous and interesting. It is great idea to apply them in our decision making process.
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    Ashish Agarwal 5 months ago
    I think the most important message here is - “Be the change you want to see.” How many of us are honestly able to follow this dictum?
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    Patrick Brigger 4 years ago
    The decision is easy: read this summary!
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      Hamad Alhomaizi 5 months ago
  • Avatar
    Michael Kiberu 5 years ago
    You get the feeling wating more...

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