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Tech-Powered Sales

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Tech-Powered Sales

Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills

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Upcoming AI, bots and other technology portend a complete revision of B2B sales.

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As Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Accordingly, Justin Michael and Tony Hughes predict that versatile sales bots are likely to run B2B sales in the future. For example, a rep’s artificial intelligence (AI) sales bot could “ping-pong” with a buyer’s bot to start a sales process that the two people then pursue. To maintain relevance and viability, reps must master AI, sales technology and the increasingly influential B2B sales bots.


Seventy percent of today’s B2B sales function can be automated.

Amazing high-tech developments, including vast automation, routinely appear today in B2B sales. A staggering 70% of B2B sales processes are capable of being automated, a percentage that will increase in the future.

Sales reps who fail to stay current with today’s high-tech advances risk losing their jobs. To stay commercially viable, reps must master sales data, AI and sales technology. Additionally, they should develop or enhance their knowledge and expertise in computer science, math and applied statistics – as well as in the use of spreadsheets. Salespeople will benefit from gaining proficiency in SQL, Tableau, JS, Python and R. Keeping up with the high-tech developments in B2B sales is tough, but salespeople need to acquire these skills to keep up with future demands.

The tech tools B2B sales reps must master may prove intimidating, but you must learn them.

With the sales-technology advances now underway, B2B sales professionals face the challenge of becoming sales-tech stack experts. The market already offers a confusing...

About the Authors

Justin Michael, who set records for full-cycle revenue creation in cutting-edge SaaS, inspired the COMBO Prospecting sales pipeline. Tony Hughes is the co-founder and sales innovation director at Sales IQ Global.

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