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The $75 Trillion Opportunity in Public Assets

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The $75 Trillion Opportunity in Public Assets

Boston Consulting Group,

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Governments around the world could monetize their public assets to better manage their budgets.

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Nations own a vast array of assets collectively worth a whopping $75 trillion. Yet many governments fail to tap into that value through arrangements like joint ventures, privatizations or management contracts. Although the nature of politics and government makes it difficult to forge such deals, the challenges of monetizing public assets are not impossible to overcome, and the fiscal payoffs could be huge. This incisive article from Boston Consulting Group professionals offers food for thought to state officials and policy experts.


It’s no secret that the financial picture in many countries is far from ideal. National budgets are tight, and researchers estimate that the gap between the world’s infrastructure needs and available funds will reach $15 trillion by 2040. The United States, Italy and Japan each bear gross public debt in excess of their respective GDPs. The monetization of public assets could help manage government finances.

But governments, by their nature, are resistant to change. Roads, buildings, land and state-owned enterprises are not easy to value. Certain assets...

About the Authors

Dinesh Khanna et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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