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The Art of Closing Any Deal

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The Art of Closing Any Deal

How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

Warner Books,

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What's inside?

This master manipulator is proud of his puppetry. Share his not-so-nice secrets about pulling the strings (visible and invisible) that open people's wallets.

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This book could more accurately be titled "How to Ruthlessly Lie, Manipulate and Use Mind Games To Make a Sale." If you’re looking for a no-holds-barred guide to getting your way - not just in closing a sale, but in everything you do - this is for you. This exceedingly detailed, candidly written guide to mind control sold more than a million copies. James W. Pickens uses anecdotes sparingly, but weaves in plenty of examples. In a strange contrast to the cutthroat main text, each chapter ends with a short, sweet reference to his mentor Sam. Here’s the scoop on genuinely caring about your clients while shamelessly using mind control techniques on them - a contradiction that troubles the author not at all. getAbstract recommends this book, as protection, to anyone who buys anything, and, as ammunition, to anyone who sells anything.


Who Are the Master Closers?

Master sales closers are scholars of the best selling procedures ever devised. The master closer is the King or Queen of Selling, distinguished from other sales people by self-confidence and showmanship. Master closers always have an attack plan, know exactly how to act, and are always in control. No one can out-think or out-maneuver the closer. "The closer can out-mind-manipulate a customer every time." Closers make themselves so comfortable that customers have no choice but to mirror that comfort level and let their guard down. Closers use everything at their disposal in much the same way that actors use props. Closers are so entertaining and make their customers feel so appreciated, that the customers become confident about the closers and therefore confident about the product.

Closers like people and want people to like them too, despite the fact that closers will use every psychological trick they know to get customers to do what they want. The closer is charming, personal, entertaining, personable, and even lovable. You just can’t resist a closer. The closer is also self-motivated, independent, aggressive, and positive. Closers carry...

About the Author

James W. Pickens rose through the ranks to become president of Duron Corporation, one of the United States’ top real estate developers. He became a multi-millionaire by the age of 37. He is considered a "master deal closer," and has consulted with top businesses and business leaders. The Art of Closing Any Deal, his first book, is a worldwide best seller.

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