The Excellence Dividend
A review of

The Excellence Dividend

Meeting the Tech Tide with Work That Wows and Jobs That Last

Tom PetersVintage • 2018

Empathy and Warmth

by David Meyer

Business advice titan Tom Peters explains that the human element drives excellence, and it is the only thing that can temper an avalanche of tech.

Tom Peters is the best-selling author or co-author of 16 books – including the 1982 business classic, In Search of Excellence. Here, he offers updated insights on the topic of corporate excellence in yet another bestseller. With wide-ranging anecdotes, Peters details how leaders can help their companies excel. He covers product quality, technology, corporate culture, and kindly treatment of customers and employees, among other touchstones. Though published before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought new challenges to the business world, Peters’s directions on the road to excellence remain relevant and instructive.

Tom Peters is a singular institution. Since 1982, across numerous publications, he has remained insightful, unpretentious, dedicated to his ideas, funny, memorable and always readable. His works remind leaders to embrace their humanity above all and to treat their employees well. His clear-headed thinking and admirably efficient sentences make his work a crucial part of the business canon. Everyone should read him.

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