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The rate of change is accelerating, and organizations struggle to keep pace. Those with a business-as-usual attitude will fail to remain relevant, resilient or competitive. Organizational analyst Jane McConnell believes future business success lies hidden within the workforce. Pockets of creative thinkers – “gig mind-setters” – bring a freelancer attitude, evidenced by their ability to adapt, initiate and produce results. 

About the Author

Author of L’avantage Internet pour l’entreprise, Jane McConnell is a researcher, analyst and strategic adviser for international organizations in health care, industry and retail.


The “gig mind-set” is a metaphor for a pioneering, results-oriented attitude.

Workers with a gig mind-set bring creative fluidity and nimble problem-solving abilities to an organization. Work cultures that embrace the gig mind-set react quickly and effectively to unforeseen events or market changes. Gig mind-setters challenge entrenched thinking and processes to innovate solutions that make organizations more competitive, forward-thinking and resilient.

As traditional approaches fail to address contemporary issues, organizations will increasingly drive, promote and support a gig mind-set culture.

Gig mind-setters characteristics’ enable them to adapt and innovate to solve complex challenges.

These positive traits define workers with a gig mind-set:

  1. Gig mind-setters embrace “experimentation, testing and learning” and accept failure as part of the process.
  2. Gig mind-setters assemble flexible, skilled teams for specific projects rather than building traditional teams with roles and assignments that a manager sets.
  3. To solicit outside input and ideas, gig mind-setters work openly and let others see ...

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    E. O. 3 months ago
    Gig mind-set employees don't stay in a company for more than 2 or 3 years. That's why is very important to provide them interesting/challenging jobs, flexibility to work and space to introducing new ideas.
  • Avatar
    D. b. 3 months ago
    “People with expertise that is in high demand can negotiate and move around easily.”

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