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The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told

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The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told

From the World's Best Salespeople


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What's inside?

War stories from the sales trenches.

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One of Robert Shook’s first bits of wisdom for salespeople is that enthusiasm is contagious. He proves this in his latest book, which crackles with his own palpable excitement for the topic of sales and the anecdotes that he’s compiled to illustrate his points. He peppers his introductions with slang and cliches. Oddly, this is a plus, making the writing honest, human and real. The book is simply and concisely organized. Shook wants to entertain as well as inform his audience. getabstract recommends this book to those who are in sales, those who supervise salespeople, and those who love good business war stories.


Mental Attitude

Stories told by great salespeople illustrate the importance of mental attitude. Mary Kay Ash of the Mary Kay cosmetics empire says enthusiasm started her in the sales business. A woman came to her door selling children’s books, which Ash wanted but could not afford. The saleswoman told Ash to sell 10 sets of the books, and keep her set for free. Ash, who had the motivation and enthusiasm to sell the 10 sets easily, sold the books, and realized that belief in your product is the best way to sell.

In any territory, enthusiasm sells. Robert Shook learned a lot from his father when the two worked together at their insurance company. At a sales meeting, their colleagues complained about poor sales prospects, so to rally the forces, the senior Shook said he’d personally take the poor prospects and show they could be turned into clients. He went back to the resistant clients and sold them with the force of his enthusiasm. By succeeding where the others failed, he taught his son and the rest of his staff a lesson about persistence.

The Initial Approach

Look for an advantage. Ace Greenberg took over as CEO of Bear Stearns in 1978 when his friend...

About the Author

Robert Shook , a writer and salesman, is founder and former CEO of Shook Associates and of the American Executive Life Insurance Company. He has written more than 35 books, including The Perfect Sales Presentation and Hardball: How to Turn the Pressure on Without Turning the Customer Off.

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