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The High-Potential Leader

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The High-Potential Leader

How to Grow Fast, Take on New Responsibilities, and Make an Impact


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What's inside?

Ram Charan offers a practical guide to rapid leadership development.

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Famed leadership guru Ram Charan – collaborating with writer Geri Willigan – describes five necessary skills that developing leaders need to possess. Three factors set this book apart from most others in the genre: First, the author draws on his decades of experience observing, coaching and mentoring many of the world’s foremost business leaders. Second, Charan emphasizes tactics and techniques for rapid leadership development to address a growing and pressing demand. Third, he includes detailed checklists at the back of each chapter for practicing and applying the skills. getAbstract recommends Charan’s manual to anyone aspiring to executive leadership and to HR leaders and others involved in developing leadership talent.


New Leaders

Organizations increasingly struggle to find high-potential (“hipo”) leadership talent. Digitization, big data, and other radical changes make new demands on leaders and upcoming leaders. Employees with hipo leadership must be adaptable, agile and visionary. They should network well and be willing to ask for help. Hipos are resourceful, action-oriented and bold. They see the big picture and pursue a purpose, not just money.

Seek hipo leadership talent inside and outside your firm. Develop likely candidates quickly. To that end, General Electric conducts regular talent reviews to identify and assess staffers with leadership ability. The corporation develops detailed plans for each hipo, including deployments to unfamiliar, high-stakes leadership positions.

If you aspire to executive leadership, don’t wait to get recruited. Take charge of your career. If you possess leadership skills, you can inspire others to achieve high performance. However, while you may have the talent and drive of a hipo, you should be aware that many hipos contribute as talented individuals, not as executives. Don’t waste your talent and passion pursuing...

About the Author

Ram Charan is a well-known coach in agile practices and big data. He has extensive experience leading digital transformation. His other books include Boards that Lead, Leadership Pipeline and The Attackers Advantage.

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