The Startup Way
A review of

The Startup Way

How Entrepreneurial Management Transforms Culture and Drives Growth

Eric RiesPortfolio UK • 2017

Entrepreneurship as a mind-set

by Jutta Mackwell

Many people working in established organizations struggle with red tape, silo mentality and short-term thinking. What if you could re-instill the spirit of entrepreneurship that got these companies off the ground initially?

When entrepreneur and best-selling author Eric Ries published his first book, The Lean Startup, he started a global movement. Minimum viable products, experimenting, feedback loops and pivoting became buzz words that defined successful entrepreneurialism. With The Startup Way, Ries aims to show how the same principles that boost start-ups can transform established organizations of every size and in every sector into agile and innovative businesses.

To be truly successful, Ries argues, companies need to find ways to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive without jeopardizing their core business. This means discarding traditional management styles and a focus on short-term forecasts and moving toward approaches that work with untested products in unknown markets, even when forecasts are impossible.

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