The Steve Jobs Way
A review of

The Steve Jobs Way

iLeadership for a New Generation

The One and Only Jobs

by David Meyer

Covering Steve Jobs while he was still alive to be interviewed, expert authors detail his business genius.

Steve Jobs: A Visionary Leader

Today, all personal computers incorporate a version of the mouse-driven graphical user interface that Steve Jobs perfected and popularized. Jobs, who was the driving force behind the Macintosh computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone and iTunes, is an American corporate legend. In this business biography, written before Jobs died, Jay Elliot – a colleague of Jobs’ as a former senior vice president at Apple – and William L. Simon – author of The Art of Deception and Ghost in the Wires – detail Jobs’ corporate achievements, his attention to product detail and his visionary leadership.

Steve and Woz

Technophile Steve Jobs met computer geek Steve Wozniak in 1971 when Jobs was just 16. In time, Jobs and his soul mate “Woz” became partners in a technology start-up, the future Apple Computer Inc. – now Apple Inc. Wozniak had no business savvy; Jobs had plenty. For Apple’s first computer, tech wizard Wozniak needed Intel’s expensive DRAM chips. Jobs convinced Intel to send the chips for free.

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    P. O. 10 years ago
    great insight to Job's and the history of Apple
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    W. L. 1 decade ago
    Fantastic book. I've read some Apple stories but this book still gives me many pointers.
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    P. K. 1 decade ago
    A must read....makes us understand that true innovation lies in making things simple.