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Time Management for Busy People

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Time Management for Busy People


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Of course you are rushed, busy and overwhelmed. That's why you have to start managing your time, right now — and not wait until you think you have time to do it!

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The colorful, almost cartoonish, look and feel of Roberta Roesch’s book will probably put off people who prefer to have their solutions shown to them in black and white. And that’s a shame because this book is an excellent time-management resource for everyone. Roesch created her book for people who "don’t have time to read time books," and did a really wonderful job. By eschewing the standard book format, she may have alienated some readers who prefer their books to look serious. But it is precisely this format that encourages readers who wouldn’t normally buy time management books to give this one a chance. You can read this book straight through, but its most valuable sections stand on their own. A number of questionnaires help you determine whether the material in a section covers an area that concerns you. The book is also peppered with "minutes matter," call-out boxes that offer short time-saving tips. It caters to those with short attention spans, but without being trite. It is particularly useful for those who have purchased time-management books before, but gave up on them out of boredom or frustration. recommends this book to anyone interested in time-management. In short, if you don’t have the time for time management, this book is for you.


Beginning Your New Routine

The best day to begin improving how you manage your time is today. Make a list of the things you do and don’t have time for, and a list of things you really want time for. Use these lists to evaluate how you are spending your time.

The first day you decide to improve the way you manage time, wake up in an upbeat mood rather than a downbeat mood. It is much easier to get out of bed thinking about hot coffee and a fresh muffin for breakfast than it is to get up thinking about your crowded schedule. Arrive at work early. This will give you time before the phones start ringing to determine your top priorities for the day. You will be able to prepare for meetings, conferences, appointments and incoming or outgoing phone calls. Immediately begin working on the task you have designated as your top priority.

Avoid over planning by knowing the difference between the ideal and the possible. Be realistic when you decided how many hours you will need to complete a task. Keep your task lists simple to make them effective. Divide tasks into three categories: 1) what must be done, 2) what should be done, and 3) what would be good to get done. Once...

About the Author

Roberta Roesch specializes in writing about personal development, psychology, behavior, human relationships and careers. She is the author of many books including The Working Woman’s Guide to Managing Time, and Smart Talk: The Art of Savvy Business Conversation. She has more than 5,000 newspaper columns and features to her credit.

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