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Trustworthy AI

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Trustworthy AI

A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and Ethics in AI


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Practical advice on AI risks, ethical AI and best practices for embedding AI ethics in business decisions.

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Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute, weaves research and real-world examples into her discussion of AI ethics. Her navigation through the complexities of AI and its risks emphasizes the necessity of being transparent to build trust. Ammanath avoids jargon, so general business readers will find her writing accessible. She discusses each element of AI governance, including bias, safety, privacy and accountability. Every chapter provides strategies, systems and oversight methods for incorporating AI ethics into your business decision-making.


Enthusiasm for artificial intelligence (AI) may overwhelm ethical considerations about its use.

Artificial intelligence will change everything about work and life. You can’t overstate its implications, including the good it might do and its potential for damage. AI has evolved over several decades, yet no playbook exists for rolling it out to the public. Today, AI resembles the rules of the road when cars first took to the streets: There weren’t any. Business leaders and government policy-makers must catch up, as was the case with the advent of the automobile.

AI demands the thinking and perspectives of people from all professions, sectors and industries. Every organization must determine how to use AI ethically based on its corporate values before adapting and deploying the technology. If workers and other stakeholders don’t trust the AI their leaders implement, it will fail.

Few people realize the degree to which AI already drives many of the tools they use and the decisions they make. Yet AI is only now capable of disrupting anything. Despite its nearly unlimited potential, AI can do only as humans direct. People...

About the Author

Beena Ammanath, the executive director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute, founded the nonprofit Humans for AI.

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