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Unlocking Acquisitive Growth

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Unlocking Acquisitive Growth

Lessons from Successful Serial Acquirers

Boston Consulting Group,

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“Successful serial acquirers” manage to beat the odds by closing deals that add corporate value and growth.

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In their search for corporate growth, executives often struggle with finding, completing and incorporating appropriate acquisitions. Gerry Hansell, Decker Walker and Jens Kengelbach of the Boston Consulting Group say these leaders should take a page from “successful serial acquirers,” those businesses that consistently overcome the odds to win at M&A. getAbstract suggests this brief but astute look at effective acquisitions to CEOs and senior executives.


Corporate acquisitions can be problematic. A lack of suitable targets, as well as high prices on appropriate ones, can deter deals. And when business leaders do complete a transaction, it might not add the value they had originally anticipated. To better their odds, executives should take cues from “successful serial acquirers,” such as PVH, the clothing and design company behind the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands. Successful serial acquirers close numerous deals per year, expand at almost three times the rate of their competitors and produce nearly twice the returns of their rivals over a 15-year timeframe. Though their industries and strategies differ, these firms all conduct ample due...

About the Authors

Gerry Hansell, Decker Walker, and Jens Kengelbach work for the Boston Consulting Group.

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