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US Manufacturing: The next frontier for sustainable, inclusive growth

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US Manufacturing: The next frontier for sustainable, inclusive growth

Future of America podcast


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What can business leaders do to build a sustainable and inclusive future for Americans?

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How can society build a future that drives sustainable and inclusive growth? Eric Chewning, co-leader of McKinsey’s Aerospace & Defense Practice in the Americas, gained insight into this crucial question over the course of his varied career as a US Army veteran, investment banker, consultant and chief of staff with the US Department of Defense. Chewning shares his expertise in this McKinsey Podcast – third in the “Future of America” series about sustainability and inclusivity in US manufacturing – with host André Dua, a McKinsey senior partner.


The United States must embrace sustainability, inclusivity and growth.

Sustainability is the hoped for result of business practices that strive to keep the Earth prosperous and healthy for future generations. Inclusivity values bringing together people with varying skills from diverse backgrounds. And, growth means creating more manufacturing opportunities locally that positively affect the broader economy. The United States must incorporate all three elements into its manufacturing strategies to ensure a better future.

Available jobs are most often skill-based, not degree-based, so investing in skill-based employment potential will have a positive influence on the larger community. Committing to this approach will bring well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States.​​​​​​

Four core goals can guide US manufacturing toward sustainability.

If the United States can achieve four pivotal goals, it can bring manufacturing jobs back to American communities, thus revitalizing...

About the Podcast

Eric Chewning, a partner in McKinsey & Company’s Washington, DC office, co-leads the consultancy’s Aerospace & Defense Practice in the Americas. André Dua, a partner in McKinsey’s Miami office, hosts its “Future of America” podcast.

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