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Voice Marketing

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Voice Marketing

Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI to Drive Customer Engagement

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Voice technologies are creating new opportunities for brands, as the marketing world moves toward “voice-first” experiences.

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Brands have an opportunity to connect to audiences using voice technology, giving new life to brand personalities. According to sonic branding experts Colleen Fahey, Laurence Minsky, Susan Westwater and Scot Westwater, the brands that will remain relevant in the future will be those that put customer needs first by embracing the shift into a “voice-first” world. Learn how brands are harnessing the power of voice experiences across industries and how best to craft your own. As machine learning and AI expand the possibilities of voice experiences, there’s an urgent need to start creating your sonic branding strategy today.


Brands hoping to serve evolving consumer needs must leverage the power of voice experiences.

People are increasingly turning to voice-enabled interactions when seeking information that helps them in their everyday lives. Maybe you want to find a coffee shop near you while you’re driving, or need to source a quick recipe in your kitchen. Voice experiences are wide-ranging: You might ask Google Assistant for information or simply speak commands into a voice-activated TV remote control. For marketers, this creates both a challenge and an opportunity: How can you ensure voice-activated assistants mention your business or brand?

Voice is a powerful marketing medium: Think about how spoken endorsements from people you trust influence your own decision-making. Voice marketing also enables your brand to provide a positive and consistent customer service experience, 24 hours a day, without recruiting additional human call center staff – and unlike humans, AI voice assistants can have hundreds of conversations simultaneously. Harnessing the power of voice experiences helps your brand keep pace with competition; puts values such as accessibility...

About the Authors

Laurence Minsky is a professor with Columbia College Chicago’s communication department in the School of Media Arts. He’s co-author of Global Brand Management and Audio Branding. Susan Westwater is co-founder and CEO of Pragmatic Digital and co-author of Voice Strategy. Scot Westwater is co-founder and CCO of Pragmatic Digital and co-author of Voice Strategy. Colleen Fahey is the US managing director of the sonic-branding agency Sixième Son and co-author of Audio Branding.

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