Wellbeing at Work
A review of

Wellbeing at Work

How to Build Resilient and Thriving Teams

Take Care of Your People

by David Meyer

Gallup polling aficionados and prolific authors Jim Clifton and Jim Harper analyze data derived from more than 100 million interviews to help leaders improve employee health. 

Gallup’s CEO Jim Clifton and the polling company’s chief scientist Jim Harter synthesize data from more than 100 million global interviews to reveal how employee well-being and mental health stand at historic lows. In their succinct textual exploration backed by reams of data, Clifton and Harter detail how business leaders can and must play a meaningful role in reversing this trend. They make a convincing, data-driven argument that when leaders embrace their responsibility to promote the career, social, financial, community and physical well-being of their workforce, business and society benefit.

Mental Health

Clifton and Harter point to a decline in well-being in the United States and elsewhere – one that long preceded the COVID-19 crisis.

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