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Winning Together

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Winning Together

An Olympic-Winning Approach to Building Better Teams

Hodder & Stoughton,

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Going for gold – be it in the Olympics or a business pitch – takes a concerted team effort to win together.

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Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, Olympic gold and bronze medalists with the Great Britain hockey team, take the knowledge they have gleaned in training rooms, practice fields, team meetings and championship games and apply it more holistically to areas such as personal well-being, team building and leadership. In this helpful book, the pair explain how their unique experiences – on and off the field, as teammates, married partners and elite athletes – can help readers learn best practices for building high-performing teams and for enabling all team members to reach their fullest potential.

About the Authors

Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh are Olympic gold and bronze medalists for the Great Britain hockey team and LGBTQ+ activists. Helen has a degree in organizational psychology. Kate is a business leadership consultant and speaker.

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