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Create & Cultivate Founder and CEO Jaclyn Johnson says you can succeed if you combine hard work with your passion. In her terms, that combination is a “WorkParty” – her version of the traditional American dream. Johnson was at the forefront of blogging and social media marketing before hashtags went viral. Already earning six figures in her 20s, Johnson moved to California and saw that many firms weren’t ready for the new media world. Her career crashed in 2008 with the dot-com economy, so she opened her own firm. Her informal, talk-to-a-girlfriend writing style offers hashtags and texting shortcuts galore, but Johnson also includes important basics on the reality of creating a business.

About the Author

Create & Cultivate Founder and CEO. Jaclyn Johnson started her first company in her early 20s and currently runs an online community and conferences for women looking to create and cultivate the career of their dreams. Forbes listed her as one of its 30 Under 30 leaders in marketing and advertising. 



Use the difficulties you encounter when launching a business to grow personally.

Before hashtags were ubiquitous, Jaclyn Johnson led the charge for social media and made a six-figure salary in New York City. When the recession hit, her company, Citysearch, offered her a similar job and salary in Los Angeles. She moved cross-country to a city where she knew no one, but she hoped to build Citysearch using her knowledge of social media. The company preferred old methods and fired Johnson shortly after a female executive told her to make her emails less aggressive.

This brought Johnson into a new career as an entrepreneur, where the discomfort of being alone in a new city added to her drive. Her first business partnership went badly due to insufficient oversight and financial tracking. When it ended, she was only 24, but she had learned several important lessons. Among them was the concept of “WorkParty” – her version of the traditional American Dream based on combining dedicated passion with hard work. Johnson decided that whatever difficulties she encountered, she would hold onto the lessons she...

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