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Your Team Loves Mondays...Right?

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Your Team Loves Mondays...Right?

A Guide for People Managers…Just in Case

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Gallup found that 50% of 7,200 associates who quit their jobs left because of their managers.

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Gallup surveys found that 50% of 7,200 associates who quit their jobs left because of their managers. Kristin A. Sherry reports that difficult managers often share certain important traits. They don’t know how to identify their own style of delegating and directing. They lack the desire to garner better results by altering their behavior in response to other people, and they communicate poorly. Sherry suggests the three critical attributes of a good manager are “character, competence and caring.” Put those in action, she says, to help your team love Mondays.


A Gallup study found that 50% of 7,200 associates who quit their jobs left because of their managers.

Yet most managers think they perform their jobs competently. Managers should consider three reasons why they need to evaluate their effectiveness continually:

  1. Businesses see ineffective managers as stumbling blocks.
  2. People gossip about poor managers.
  3. Weak managers get in their own way even as their associates quit and their teams’ morale plummets.

Most people don’t distinguish between managers and leaders. However, both perform essential functions in different roles. Generally speaking, leaders conceptualize a broad strategic vision and managers implement it. All managers have shortcomings and, thus, can always upgrade their skills. As a coach working to help fledgling managers improve, author Kristin A. Sherry found that she spent most of her time assisting young managers in coping with their inadequate bosses. She found that faulty senior managers shared common negative behaviors:

  • A tendency to micromanage.
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About the Author

Kristin A. Sherry, managing partner of YouMap LLC, is a career consultant and speaker. She wrote the bestsellers YouMap and 5 Surprising Steps to Land the Job NOW!

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