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How often do you use your smart phone, smart watch, wearable or fitness tracker? Do you go cashless when buying groceries or do you program your coffee machine to have your first cup ready before you get out of bed? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you know how digital technologies are invading every aspect of our personal lives. How will new technologies continue to change our lives and society as a whole?

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9 Book

MoneyBall Medicine

Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market
Harry Glorikian and Malorye Allison Branca
Productivity Press, 2017
10 Book

Too Smart

How Digital Capitalism is Extracting Data, Controlling Our Lives, and Taking Over the World
Jathan Sadowski
MIT Press, 2020
8 Book
Jan van Dijk
Polity Press, 2020
9 Report
Nic Newman et al.
Reuters Institute, 2022
9 Book

Cogs and Monsters

What Economics Is, and What It Should Be
Diane Coyle
Princeton UP, 2021
8 Article

This Room Could Wirelessly Charge All Your Devices

New technology delivers power to electronic devices in a test space
Sophie Bushwick
Scientific American, 2021
9 Article

Your Boss Wants to Spy on Your Inner Feelings

Tech companies now use AI to analyze your feelings in job interviews and public spaces. But the software is prone to racial, cultural and gender bias
John McQuaid
Scientific American, 2021
8 Book

The World is Flat

A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
Thomas L. Friedman
FSG, 2005
8 Book

The Inversion Factor

How to Thrive in the IoT Economy (MIT Press)
Linda Bernardi et al.
MIT Press, 2017
9 Article

Resisting the Rise of Facial Recognition

Growing use of surveillance technology has prompted calls for bans and stricter regulation.
Antoaneta Roussi and Richard Van Noorden
Nature, 2020