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Hard Selling

Don’t waste your time being nice. It’s selling you want.


9 Book

Gap Selling

Getting the Customer to Yes: How Problem-Centric Selling Increases Sales by Changing Everything You Know About Relationships, Overcoming Objections, Closing and Price
8 Book
Joe Girard and Stanley H. Brown
Fireside, 2006
8 Book

Combo Prospecting

The Powerful One-Two Punch That Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales
Tony J. Hughes
AMACOM, 2018
9 Book

Hope Is Not a Strategy

The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale
Rick Page
McGraw-Hill, 2002
7 Book
Dave Kahle
Career Press, 2010
7 Book

The 250 Power Words That Sell

The Words You Need to Get the Sale, Beat Your Quota, and Boost Your Commission
Stephan Schiffman
Adams Media, 2013
8 Book

The Art of Closing Any Deal

How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do
James W. Pickens
Warner Books, 1991
8 Book

Maximum Influence

The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion
Kurt W. Mortensen
AMACOM, 2002

It’s Your Move

My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding at Work and Life
Josh Altman
HarperOne, 2015
7 Book

Hardball Selling

How to Turn the Pressure On, Without Turning Your Customer Off
Robert L. Shook
Sourcebooks, 2003
6 Book
Richard Denny
Kogan Page, 2006

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