Editor’s Picks

9 Book

The Power of Playing Offense

A Leader's Playbook for Personal and Team Transformation
Paul Epstein
Amplify, 2021
9 Book


A People's History
David Hendy
Profile Books, 2022
9 Book


A Startup Journey
Mike Evans
Legacy Lit, 2022
8 Book

The Phoenix Economy

Work, Life, and Money in the New Not Normal
Felix Salmon
Harper, 2023
9 Book

For Profit

A History of Corporations
William Magnuson
Basic Books, 2022
8 Book

Breathing Oxygen

How Positive Leadership Gives Life to Winning Cultures
Jason Barger
Amplify, 2022
8 Video

The Extended Mind

Talks at Google with Annie Murphy Paul
Annie Murphy Paul
Talks at Google, 2022
8 Video
Boomer Esiason et al.
Talks at Google, 2019
8 Book

How Teaching Happens

Seminal Works in Teaching and Teacher Effectiveness and What They Mean in Practice
Paul A. Kirschner et al.
Routledge, 2022
8 Video
Tony Demakis et al.
Alliance Sales, 2020
8 Book

The Transformation Myth

Leading Your Organization through Uncertain Times (Management on the Cutting Edge)
Anh Nguyen Phillips et al.
MIT Press, 2023
8 Video

The Microstress Effect

Talks at Google
Rob Cross and Karen Dillon
Talks at Google, 2023
9 Book


How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity
Curtis Bateman et al.
Mango Publishing, 2023
9 Book

The Inclusive Language Field Guide

6 Simple Principles for Avoiding Painful Mistakes and Communicating Respectfully
Suzanne Wertheim
Berrett-Koehler, 2023
8 Book

Decision Sprint

The New Way to Innovate into the Unknown and Move from Strategy to Action
Atif Rafiq
McGraw-Hill, 2023
8 Article
Adam Grant
The New York Times, 2023
9 Book
Neil Richards
Oxford UP, 2021
8 Book

Think Faster, Talk Smarter

How to Speak Successfully When You’re Put on the Spot
Matt Abrahams
Simon Element, 2023
9 Book

Surf When You Can

Lessons in Life, Loyalty, and Leadership from a Maverick Navy Captain
Brett Crozier and Michael Vlessides
Atria Books, 2023
8 Book

The Heart of Innovation

A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand
Matt Chanoff et al.
Berrett-Koehler, 2023
9 Podcast

Human Trafficking: Interview with Dr. An Goldbauer

Intimate Conversations with Dr. Janis
Janis Roszler and An Goldbauer
RukusAvenueRadio, 2023
8 Book

Trustworthy AI

A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and Ethics in AI
Beena Ammanath
Wiley, 2022
8 Book

The Trusted Learning Advisor

The Tools, Techniques and Skills You Need to Make L&D a Business Priority
Keith Keating
Kogan Page, 2023
8 Book

The Trade Trap

How To Stop Doing Business with Dictators
Mathias Döpfner
Simon & Schuster, 2023
9 Podcast
Kris Newbauer and Alexandria Clapp
ATD, 2023
7 Podcast
Mike Maughan and Angela Duckworth
No Stupid Questions, 2023
8 Article

Suez Canal at risk: What shippers should know to mitigate disruption

Using alternative routes like the Cape of Good Hope not only means longer transit times but higher freight costs. Here’s what shipping experts had to say.
Alejandra Salgado
Supply Chain Dive, 2023
8 Article

Washington’s Xinjiang Fix

What happens when human rights law becomes trade law? Two years after passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, we’re beginning to find out.
Eliot Chen and Katrina Northrop
The Wire China, 2023
8 Book

Going on Offense

A Leader’s Playbook for Perpetual Innovation
Behnam Tabrizi
Ideapress, 2023
8 Book

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Leaders

Invest in People Like Your Future Depends on It
John C. Maxwell
HarperCollins Leadership, 2023