Doing Agile Right
A review of

Doing Agile Right

Transformation Without Chaos

Introducing Agile

by David Meyer

A trio of IT consultants explains agile in detail in this worthwhile guidebook for beginners.

Bain & Co. consultants Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk and Steve Berez detail the right and wrong of agile implementation. Exemplars such as Spotify embraced agile to great success. However, the authors stress, poorly conceived agile transitions have led to chaos across companies elsewhere. They set out to save you from such a fate in this smart manual, which made the Forbes list of Top Ten Technology and Ten Mind-Opening Business Books, and was shortlisted for the OWL Awards in Management and Culture.

Agile – the business philosophy that relies on fast-moving, self-managing teams for innovation – has officially entered the mainstream of corporate management.Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk and Steve Berez

In agile systems, workers experiment freely, and if something doesn’t work, they drop it and move on. This promises large, slow-moving organizations a path to becoming nimble and responsive.It spread from Silicon Valley to, among others, John Deere, USAA, 3M, Bosch, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.

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