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Get Momentum

How to Start When You're Stuck


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Professional development experts explain how to create, develop and sustain momentum in life and work.

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In politics, sports, business and life, momentum is often crucial to achieving your goals. Calling on 20 years of experience as professional development experts, Jason Womack and Jodi Womack explain how you can secure, maintain and expand your momentum to complete your professional projects and reach your personal goals. They present useful recommendations on how to leverage your momentum in five stages: building up motivation, finding mentors, reaching milestones, monitoring your progress and making any needed modifications. The Womacks skillfully explain how to create, develop and sustain momentum in your work and your personal life. getAbstract recommends this insightful, practical, layered approach to anyone who faces internal or external obstacles to achieving their goals.


Achieve Your Dreams?

If you’re like many other people, when you strive for an important goal, you may come to feel bogged down. Maybe it seems that you’re not moving meaningfully toward reaching your most cherished objective. This may be a professional target, like making a dramatic career change. Or perhaps you have a personal bridge to cross, like living a healthier lifestyle. If you are overwhelmed or stuck, if what you want to accomplish seems too difficult, and if you don’t know how to begin, you need momentum.

People who are stuck often turn to familiar internal excuses:

  • “I don’t know” – You have no idea about how or when or where to start. You don’t know anyone who can provide useful guidance. You’re not sure that your goal is possible. You don’t know what your final results might be.
  • “What I have is fine” – Things aren’t so bad that you need to change anything. You tell yourself, “don’t fix what isn’t broken.”
  • “I’ve failed before” – You tried making progress already and it didn’t work. Why would things be any different this time? What’s the point of making this effort?
  • “I’m confused” – You have...

About the Authors

Jason Womack started the Womack Company and the Get Momentum Leadership Academy, where Jodi Womack is CEO. She also founded the women’s business leadership coaching program, No More Nylons.

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    K. b. 8 years ago
    “Momentum means you’re moving, and things are happening. It means you’re making progress, and it feels good!”

    What a way to sum it all up. Good job Jason!
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      If you'd like, we'll send you a PDF version of chapters 1-2 of the book; I think you'll love it!

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    #30DaysOfSummaries I'm the one suffering from internal excuse "What I have is fine"...