It’s Your Move
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It’s Your Move

My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding at Work and Life

Josh AltmanHarperOne • 2015

High-End Relentless Charm

Josh Altman achieved a great deal of money and fame through hard work and considerable charm. In this engaging memoir and how-to manual, Altman details his methods and success.

Jingling change

Celebrity Realtor Josh Altman co-stars on the Bravo network series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, on which he jingles the change in the pockets of his custom-tailored suits while closing deals on Beverly Hills homes. Altman strives to show what it takes to rack up more than $2 billion in real estate sales and consistently rank in the top 25 Realtors in the United States.

Altman makes the claim that his “Ready, Fire, Aim” method relies on “calculated confidence,” tenacity, polished instincts and the willingness to take shrewd risks. This seems to be only a self-help hook on which to hang this highly readable self-promotion manual, but his inside-Hollywood perspective and entertaining advice prove consistently amusing.

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    M. D. 8 years ago
    love it! "Moving without direction waste your time and effort..." thanks for having the summary for us..very direct..makes it easier for us to remember...just need to apply it in our lives...