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Likeable Business

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Likeable Business

Why Today’s Consumers Demand More and How Leaders Can Deliver


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Become a more likeable business owner with these 11 simple tips.

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Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Social Media, lays out 11 steps to becoming a more likeable business leader. His advice is pure, welcome common sense, and the text is light-hearted, entertaining and easy to digest. Kerpen focuses on how to create a strong online presence for your business and explains how to improve your face-to-face interactions. getAbstract recommends this clear, insightful business manual to social media managers, marketing managers, CEOs, presidents, vice presidents and other executives who wish to be more likeable in person and to create a stronger online persona.



Likeability is not a new idea in business, but it matters more now that constant contact is a reality. Similar to the most popular guest at a cocktail party, you should be a good listener, tell great stories and be responsive. To boost your company’s likeability, cultivate 11 corporate strengths:

1. “Listening: One Mouth, Two Ears, Many Opportunities”

Paying truly close attention is an art form. Active listening requires keeping your mouth closed, having your ears open and heeding the other person attentively. Your employees, colleagues and customers will feel valued when you focus on them this intently. You should be able to repeat what someone has said, if not exactly, then by paraphrasing their main ideas. Such careful listening requires:

  • “Research” – Gather information before a meeting.
  • “Feeling”– Notice your emotions and your intuition during interactions.
  • “Intimacy” – Create an intimate atmosphere by revealing personal information such as your hobbies, successes or failures.
  • “Mirroring” – Show engagement and give feedback through body language.

Fortunately, social media...

About the Author

David Kerpen, co-founder and CEO of Likeable, wrote Likeable Social Media.

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