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Maximum Influence

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Maximum Influence

The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion


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It’s the last one. It’s popular. Movie stars use it. It’s the best. Want it? That’s the power of persuasive tactics.

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When a book on persuasion leaves you uncomfortable over how easy it is to manipulate people, it has probably done a good job. Author Kurt W. Mortensen, who warns that persuasion, like other tools, can be used for good or evil, will probably raise your hackles as he takes you deeper into the world of manipulation. His advice on how to become a "Master Persuader" is convincing. Reading this volume may tell you how to win the persuasion game, but, by itself, it will not equip you to do so any more than a roadmap will transport drivers to their destinations. Luckily for buyers and voters everywhere, it takes years of experience to learn how and when to apply the lessons taught in this book. That said, within these pages the craft of craftiness is laid plain for all to read. Machiavelli move over – Mortensen wants to teach you some new persuasive techniques. getAbstract recommends this book to those whose livelihoods depend on altering hearts and minds.


Convincing Arguments

Everything you ever hoped for in a career will come from three simple things: persuasion, motivation and influence. To understand persuasion, you need to understand neutrality. Like atomic energy, it can be used equally for good or ill. Mastering the art of persuasion means acquiring great power, but you should learn to use it in positive ways.

Persuasion is the heartbeat of the economy. A recent study concluded that the use of persuasive selling skills in the marketplace accounts for about 26% of the gross domestic product in the U.S. – about $2.3 trillion.

The 12 "Laws of Maximum Influence" will help you get what you want and enjoy doing it. You can influence people consciously or subconsciously. The critical decision is to know when to use which approach.

Master these 12 essential tactics to experience unprecedented control and influence over your own success:

Law Number 1: "The Law of Dissonance"

This law tells you what causes the internal pressure that makes someone choose one course of action over another. People naturally tend to act in ways that reflect their attitudes, beliefs and values. Therefore, according ...

About the Author

Kurt W. Mortensen is an authority on persuasion and motivation. He frequently speaks on these topics and operates worldwide training and consulting programs.

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