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Ruthless Consistency

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Ruthless Consistency

How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organizations That Win


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The secret to change initiatives: Do everything well and make sure people not only buy in, but want in.

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Most strategic change initiatives fail because leaders latch on to only one or two things they believe will make the difference. Consultant Michael Canic argues you have to do everything – planning, communicating, training, resourcing, measuring, creating the right conditions and forming the right teams – with gumption and dedication. He says you will fail if you don’t understand your employees’ perspective and inspire them to invest in the change. This no-nonsense guide provides senior leaders with the tools they need to execute bold, successful strategic change.


Successful change initiatives require leaders’ full commitment and a consistent approach.

Some 70% to 90% of strategic change initiatives fail. Globally, these failures cost organizations a collective $3 trillion each year. As change and other initiatives associated with strategic planning fail time and again, an organizational culture of failure leads people to stop believing in change.

Don’t waste your time looking for shortcuts or seeking the one thing you can do to ensure success; do everything. Change requires communicating, training, coaching, aligning incentives and assembling the right teams. Each of these activities matters equally. If you drop the ball in one area, it won’t matter how well you do in the others.

To change the odds of effective change from likely failure to highly probable success, leaders must act with uncompromising consistency. This means making choices and taking actions that align with your purpose and goals. Innovate and create only in the service of your objectives.

Learn your employees’ perspectives. Strive to understand what they think, believe and feel, because...

About the Author

Michael Canic, PhD runs the consulting firm, Making Strategy Happen, based on the principles of ruthless consistency.

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