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The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!

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The Best Damn Website & eCommerce Marketing Optimization Guide, Period!

Stoney deGeyter,

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Attract and engage users by optimizing your website to align with their interests and desires.

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Your website is one of the few online manifestations of your brand you can control. For best results, digital marketing expert Stoney deGeyter argues, you must optimize it for both search engines and users. He offers detailed instruction covering everything from the benefits of keyword research to how to customize product pages to convert more visitors into customers. DeGeyter urges you to embrace a forward-thinking digital marketing strategy and to empower yourself to make the crucial changes that fuel improved connections with users, create value and help your offerings rank high in searches.


Your website plays a crucial role in your online presence.

There’s a reason people refer to their brand websites as “home.” When you build an online presence for your brand, you can’t fully control any digital presence you create outside your website, because you don’t own it. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, could always cancel your account or ban you, making it impossible to retrieve your content.

Search engines and visitors have a two-way relationship: Google’s job, for example, is to provide relevant links to people conducting searches by directing them to the information or content they seek. Optimize your website to perform better on search engines and better serve visitor needs. Aim to do more than simply boost your search rankings. Successful companies optimize their websites to ensure searchers connect with content they view as worthwhile and valuable.

Make keyword research an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Never neglect keyword research, as your success hinges on how audiences view your service or product. To conduct effective keyword research, first aim ...

About the Author

Stoney deGeyter draws from over two decades of digital marketing experience as a digital marketing team leader and strategist.

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