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The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem

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The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem

Wendover Productions,

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Want the world to ditch gas guzzlers and drive electric vehicles? Ask your government to build charging stations.

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Most people have good intentions when it comes to caring for the environment, but good intentions won’t count for much until environmentally friendly solutions are cheap and convenient for the average consumer. This holds true for the adoption of electric cars. This Wendover Productions video makes a compelling and logical argument for why infrastructure is the missing element when it comes to the widespread adoption of electric cars, and how existing government programs that try to encourage electric car ownership are well-intentioned, but ultimately misguided.


Electric vehicles (EVs) are very close to satisfying customer expectations regarding price, and range.

Each new technology that achieves mainstream use has a tipping point when consumers decide to adopt the technology en masse. Electric cars have nearly reached the tipping point when it comes to price, range (the number of miles the car can drive on a single charge), and the time it takes to charge the vehicle.

According to research, the price for electric vehicles to reach their tipping point is about $36,000, and EV companies have achieved that price point. The Tesla Model 3 starts at $37,990, the Chevy Volt goes for $32,496, and the Nissan Leaf sells for $32,545. The tipping point for range is about 291 miles or 469...

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Wendover Productions is an educational YouTube channel created by Sam Denby in 2010. Denby’s other channels include Half as Interesting and Extremities.

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