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The Power of Charm

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The Power of Charm

How to win anyone over in any situation


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What's inside?

Boost your charm to boost your business. Being attentive, supportive, warm and friendly is good for your bottom line.

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You could read Brian Tracy's basic handbook on charm in about an hour and come away with several elementary, but applicable, communication techniques. Even better, you can put his techniques to use immediately. Charm is the glue that unites the contents of this basket of basic communication skills and scraps. While it's a little gimmicky, the idea of being charming sounds just lovely. Co-author Ron Arden, a former actor and director, adds some solidity with valuable anecdotes about creating a stage presence. While parts of the content will seem familiar to you if you've already read a few books on interpersonal communication, this manual offers novices a fast overview and a good look at the basics. getAbstract recommends this useful book as a way to become charming without going to charm school.


Be Charming

The best way to make friends is to interact with other people in ways that lead them to regard you as likable, memorable, influential and even charming. Charm requires "social intelligence," the set of abilities and understandings that help you function smoothly with others.

Being charming is a pivotal "secret" to effective communication, persuasiveness and influence. In reality, though, charm is not a secret. You can become charming. It just requires learning a set of applicable skills.

Charm is the key to being a successful communicator. Eighty-five percent of a person's business success is tied to communicating effectively and using social intelligence. Charming people are warm and gracious. For example, former President Bill Clinton is often described as charming. Associates note that he always focused on the person speaking to him and showed real interest, while being oblivious as to whether the person liked him or not.

Charm is not shallow or dependent on superficial measures, like wearing fashionable clothes. It's much deeper. Charming people know how to find another person's essence and build a special rapport. People with charm...

About the Authors

Success coach Brian Tracy has worked as a consultant, trainer and speaker for more than 1000 companies. He has written many bestsellers, including Focal Point, Eat That Frog! and Goals. Ron Arden is a former actor and director who now coaches professional speakers.

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