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Have you ever wondered why some people can adopt a healthier lifestyle or realize professional achievement, while others flail and fail? Journalist Charles Duhigg attributes this to habit and explains that successful people learn to control and change their habits. First, they understand that the three steps of the “habit loop” – “cue, routine and reward” – determine what individuals do without thinking. By analyzing how undesirable habits such as overeating, excess drinking or smoking operate in that loop by satiating cravings, people who want to change can control habits that may seem to control them. Duhigg‘s fun, educational book will help anyone who wants to embark on self-improvement. May the force of habit be with you.

About the Author

Charles Duhigg is an investigative journalist for The New York Times. His previous works include Golden Opportunities, The Reckoning and Toxic Waters.


A Matter of Habit

Journalist Charles Duhigg describes a habit as an activity that a person deliberately decides to perform once and continues doing without focus, often frequently. He offers the example of the complicated procedures you automatically go through to drive your car. Habits develop because the human brain is wired to seek ways to conserve energy.

Patients who lose their memory due to illness or injury still retain the ability to carry out their habits. Duhigg cites a patient named Eugene who suffered from a damaging attack of viral encephalitis. He could no longer draw a rough floor plan of his home, but he could find the kitchen when he wanted a snack. Eugene demonstrated that “someone who can’t remember his own age or almost anything else can develop habits that seem inconceivably complex – until you realize everyone relies on similar neurological processes every day.”

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