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The Strategic CFO in a Rapidly Changing World

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The Strategic CFO in a Rapidly Changing World


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Chief financial officers have a lot on their plates.

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Today, chief financial officers have many opportunities to add greater value to their corporate roles. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s illuminating survey of CFOs explores some of the questions they’re facing, such as what threats keep them up at night and how they expect to accomplish their goals. The study also offers insights into the strategies CFOs are using and the new technologies they are adopting. getAbstract suggests this informative overview to CFOs and finance professionals for the glimpses it provides into how their peers are tackling their work in today’s high-pressure environment.


Businesses today wrestle with changing technology and other factors that influence their performance. These challenges present chief financial officers with an opportunity to enhance their roles as they lead their companies forward. A survey of 507 CFOs and other finance executives in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany reveals the strategies they see as important. The factors the CFOs rank as having the most influence on their businesses’ financial planning include the “competitive dynamics” of the industry in which they operate, the growth of the sector, ...

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The Economist Intelligence Unit is an independent research and analysis organization.

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