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9 Book

The Future of the Office

Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face
Peter Cappelli
Wharton School Press, 2021
7 Book

Sell Yourself

How to Create, Live, and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand
Cindy McGovern
McGraw-Hill, 2022
9 Book

Machiavelli for Women

Defend Your Worth, Grow Your Ambition, and Win the Workplace
Stacey Vanek Smith
Gallery Books, 2021
8 Book

The Innovation Mindset

Eight Essential Steps to Transform Any Industry
Lorraine Marchand
Columbia Business School Publishing, 2022
10 Book

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

30th Anniversary Edition
Stephen R. Covey et al.
Simon & Schuster, 2020
9 Book

Don’t Call It Quits

Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love
Shana Lebowitz Gaynor
McGraw-Hill, 2022
8 Book

Own Your Armor

Revolutionary Change for Workplace Culture
Michelle Brody
Michelle Brody, 2022
8 Book

Learning at Speed

How to Upskill and Reskill Your Workforce at Pace to Drive Business Performance
Nelson Sivalingam
Kogan Page, 2022
8 Book

The Loop

How Technology Is Creating a World Without Choices and How to Fight Back
Jacob Ward
Hachette Book Group USA, 2022
8 Book

Remote Not Distant

Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace
Gustavo Razzetti
Gustavo Razzetti, 2022